Consulting & Support

Full Support
Analytics Consulting
$180 / hour
Minimum Half Hour
$1600 / day
Minimum Half Day

    ¹ Prices are in AUD and are ex-GST

Data Warehousing & ETL

High Speed Data Warehouse¹
Data Lake¹
Up to 10 GB
Up to 100 GB
Up to 500 GB
Up to 1 TB
Over 1 TB
$15 / GB
$13.75 / GB
$12.5 / GB
$1.50 / GB
$1.35 / GB
$1.15 / GB
$1 / GB
Data Extract¹
(from Data Warehouse/Data Lake)
Custom Integration¹
(Automated API extracts for ETL'ing into Data Warehouse/Data Lake)
Monthly Price
Included Data
Additional Data
Up to 1 GB
$10 / GB

  • Based on total volume rounded up to nearest GB.
  • All ETL related Data Transfer and Processing costs are included in the storage price.
  • ¹ Prices are per Month, AUD and are ex-GST

Service Packs & Retainers

Service packs that suit your business

From 2 hours to give you the confidence to build your first report right through to Toustone developing your reporting for you.

Flexibility is key, so below are suggested activities you would do in the time allocated,
however we can work with you to meet your needs based on your maturity.

What to expect on completion
Access to reporting expert
Help with loading of data through CSV loader
Introduction to Yellowfin university and community support
Tour of Yellowfin BI tool and some tips on how to use
Work with our experts to start building reports and dashboards
Help on "how do" I do this
What KPI's should I report on
Introduction into ETL
Introduction to story boards and email broadcast
Provide advice on best practice in visualising data and report development
Combining multiple data sources
Technical expert to build reports and dashboards for you
Project Management to keep project on track
On going support of your environment
Starter pack
Rookie pack
Apprentice pack
Mentor pack
Retainer Pack
End user training
Short and sweet to get you started
Help you understand the environment and the tools available to you. Load data and start developing simple reports
By combining your time with our expertise in reporting we will guide you through the process of getting your first reports and dashboards up and running based on best practice
Working with our reporting expert, we use your functional knowledge and our techncial skills to develop a reporting environment for you
You are now up and running, however, as you mature you need ongoing support and help to get the best out of your BI environment
Based on your dashboards or our demonstration environment
2 Hours. Expires after 2 months
8 hours of support and advice - A full day all at once or split into 2 hour blocks, expires after two months
24 hours of support and advice - A full day or split into 3 hour blocks, expires after three months
From 1 week to many months
Designed based on how many hours or days a month support you require
1, 2 or 3 days
POA based on your requirements
- 4hrs:  $800²
- 8hrs:  $1,568²
- 16hrs:  $3,072²
- 24hrs:  $4,500²
POA based on your requirements

¹ Prices are in AUD and are ex-GST

² Unused time carries over for up to three months