What is Toustone Cloud Business reporting?

Business Reporting made Easy and Affordable

Toustone Cloud uses the availability of the cloud, combined with the power of award-winning reporting software to simplify business analysis and reporting.

Our goal is to make reporting easy for you, so you can utilize your data to improve business performance. You can start off small and grow when and if you need to.

Whether you are looking to

  • Move away from Excel
  • Monitor daily sales figures
  • Report monthly inventory statistics
  • Automate reports and provide dashboards helping you visualise data

Fast to set-up and easy to use, you’ll avoid the costs and complications of traditional on-premise hardware and software deployments.

Download our "Migrating Your BI to the Cloud" whitepaper (PDF)


Business Intelligence Software and Cloud Expertise

A winning combination

The Yellowfin BI platform is renowned for its ability to bring data to life. From charts to maps and infographics, the software helps users to analyse, visualise and better understand business data. Graphics also enhance the ability to communicate and share insights with others across the business.

Key benefits
Low risk

It's easy to get started. A monthly subscription costs little and the service can be started or cancelled at any time.

No capital outlay

Unlike traditional software deployments, cloud services require no upfront investment in hardware and there are no annual software license fees


Increase or decrease your number of users at any time. Start with one person and work your way up to 5, 50, 5000 or more users with ease.

Easy to use

Toustone Cloud is designed to be intuitive and easy. If you've ever worked with a spreadsheet, you'll be able to find your way around the software. And if you ever do strike trouble, our support team is on hand to help.

No IT expertise required

Because the software is supported and maintained by Toustone, you don't have to employ dedicated IT staff.


Toustone Cloud operates from highly secure Sydney-based data centres managed by Amazon Web Services.

Toustone Cloud Plans and Pricing

What to expect when you click on buy now

  • 1. Enter details like name and email address so we can set up your environment
  • 2. Enter credit card details (Trial will not require credit card)
  • 3. You will receive an email with a security code
  • 4. Enter this code and you are ready to start using the environment