For the individual or small business
that would like to visualise and
get control of their data

Current situation

  • It takes me a long time to build reports in Excel
  • I have data, however I don’t use it to run my business
  • I can’t get a single version of the truth
  • I know there’s value in my data, I just can’t see it
  • If I can get my data under control I know I can improve my business

Where I would like to be

  • Visual reporting
  • Driving more value from my data to improve my business
  • Reducing the risk of losing knowledge when people move roles
  • Lessen the time spent creating manual reports
  • Ensuring the right level of support provided to get me going

Business value

  • Visualise my data to drive business improvement
  • Build once and use many times
  • Share reports with my team
  • Mobility - anytime, anywhere
  • No hardware required
  • Support to get the most out of my data
  • Up and running quickly
  • Only pay for what I need

For medium size businesses to large corporate
enterprises that would like to visualise
and get control of their data

Current situation

  • I have the same issues as individuals and small businesses, just on a larger scale
  • Lack of IT support to provide me with the reporting I need
  • It takes me too long to prepare my presentations to management teams as data is spread everywhere
  • I have 1000 spreadsheets and people spread in different offices, making it hard to share information
  • An increasing number of apps, making it hard to report across all of them
  • I would like my reporting to be daily, however it takes too long to create so I don’t get it frequently enough

Where I would like to be

  • Automated visual reporting
  • People spending more time analysing the information and not creating manual reports
  • Reduced time to create presentations
  • One version of the truth for my team
  • Easy access to reports, anywhere anytime
  • A secure environment
  • Collaboration tools to share insights with my team
  • Connect and report on data from cloud and on premise apps all in one tool
  • To be able to load external data, like weather and scan data
  • Storyboard functionality to automate my re-occuring presentations with live data

Business value

  • My team or business are all looking at the same information to drive business improvement
  • Hours saved a week from creating manual reports
  • I’m not tied to the office, I can be mobile and have my reports anywhere
  • I can have reports broadcast to my in box everyday, so I’m always up to date
  • No hardware required
  • Ability to start small and grow as my requirements do
  • Scale from 1 to 100 users or more

Business Intelligence Software
and Cloud Expertise

A winning combination

The Yellowfin BI platform is renowned for its ability to bring data to life. From charts to maps and infographics, the software helps users to analyse, visualise and better understand business data. Graphics also enhance the ability to communicate and share insights with others across the business.

On Site

  • Customization and implementation
  • Hardware
  • IT personnel
  • Maintenance
  • Training

9% Of total cost is software licenses

Ongoing costs

  • Apply fixes, patches, upgrades Downtime
  • Performance tuning
  • Rewrite customizations
  • Rewrite integrations
  • Upgrade dependent applications
  • Ongoing burden on IT
  • Maintain/ upgrade:
    • hardware
    • network
    • security
    • database


  • Customization and implementation
  • Training

86% Of total cost is subscription fees

Ongoing costs

  • Subscription fee
  • Training
  • Configuration
  • Speed of deployment – No capital expenditure, no hardware, up and running in minutes
  • No hassle – We take care of the environment, you take care of getting the most out of your data
  • Scalability – Start small with one user, and then move to 5, 50 or 5000. Only paying for what you need at the time
  • Accessible – Available to you on any device anytime. View your reports on a phone, tablet or PC.
    Even allow access to your suppliers or customers to improve collaboration
  • Multiple data sources - Bring data if from multiple systems and locations into one spot, this way you can see all the data in one location in one tool.

For more details download our white paper on migrating BI to the cloud (PDF)